We do it with special care

Evoking emotions from people is an art form. It can be done through music, acting, cinema and in general any quality performance. The basis of our methodology lies in causing pleasant surprises with our new proposals.


The most efficient method is what every project requires.

To listen, understand, think and propose. Our method is based on these four points. Because we know that there are no set rules. Every event is new, different and unique. That is why we use the talent of our experimental team to optimise the resources that lead to success.


Experience is worth nothing without being able to forget and start again.

Talisman was founded in 1977. Since then, we have worked with many important businesses in the country, creating events, trips and performances in over five continents and producing events, both large and small. In each and every one of those, we have come back with the same excitement and eagerness as the first day.